10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College

10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College in 2022

10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College.College is a unique time that everyone should experience first-hand. However, it also acts as an intense second transition as you’re transitioning from a high school student to a young professional. It’s essential to make the most of your freshman year by avoiding some common mistakes and enhancing your college experiences through positive actions. Below are 10 things to avoid during your freshman year of college.

10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College ultimate guide in 2022

 avoid overloading your schedule.

 First of all, our list is to avoid overloading your schedule. Sure, it might sound really nice if you could get all your graduation requirements done like really, really fast. But trust me, one of the worst things that can happen is you take all these classes, you have an intense schedule, and then you just fail because you’re just overwhelmed. It’s not worth it. It’s freshman year, you’re still like adapting to the whole college system, you might not even know what you want to study. So maybe take it easy.

If you try to like speed up everything, it’s gonna be double the homework double the studying, it’s just gonna like be so so overwhelming and nearly impossible to do. I know some people can pull it off, they study really hard and it works for them great. However, if you’re really indecisive about adding classes, so like speed up college, trust me freshman year, it’s not a good idea. 

avoid going out too much

Just take it really, really easy in column number two on the list is to avoid going out too much. A lot of people make this mistake they move in, you know the first week all they do is party they go out and then they keep doing it for the rest of the year. Trust me that’s going to hurt you so, so bad, you’re going to be insanely more now on top of that you’re going to be really, really broke.

My philosophy is you’re going to college for academics, so focus on academics and everything else is just like a plus. Now I’m not saying don’t go out at all, but what I’m trying to say is that you don’t want to go out to the point where it’s like really hurting you parties tailgates, they all sound really, really fun. But if you’re flicking a class, that’s not fun. Now ironically, 

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go out at all.

the third thing to avoid freshman year is to not go out at all. I know some people are like really shy or really like frugal. You know, they just like want to stay locked up in their dorms and do like nothing to be honest. You know, you got to live life you got to go out it’s fine. You go every once in a while, you know, just spend a couple of bucks maybe even go to like a beach maybe find like free events around the area.

You know, use college discounts go to sporting events, school events, there’s like a lot of free stuff that you could do as a college student. I know some people like to use the excuse, oh, I have no friends. I don’t know anybody. Like I’m not comfortable around people. But trust me, beginning of freshman year, nobody really knows each other. So as long as you like to talk to somebody to start, like a simple conversation like oh, hey, like, what’s up, you’ll be fine.

And even then, if you haven’t met, like anybody just like go to one of these events by yourself. And when you’re like in that event, I’m pretty sure you’ll meet like a bunch of different people. My main point is that it’s college you might be in a new city, you know, you want to explore a little bit like you have to live life. 

 avoid a bad eating habits

Number four on the list is to avoid a bad eating habits. You guys have heard all this stuff like Oh, freshmen 15. You know, when you go to college, you start eating really bad, you only junk food, the dining hall food is terrible. But that’s not really the case you pretty much decide what you eat. like nobody’s like shoving food up your mouth. And the dining hall food is like obviously not the best in the world.

But it’s not that bad as like some people like make it seem. Now I know a lot of people like to hoard snacks like chips, you know, like chocolate bars around their dorms. Like I said, that’s all on you. If you’re really conscious on like gaining weight, why did you buy those snacks in the first place, maybe buy healthier options, you know, maybe buy some fruits and vegetables and just store them in your fridge.

Now I know some people do not care about what they eat at all. But I’m just saying that if you’re really conscious about gaining weight in college, trust me, if you do everything right, you’re not going to gain anything. My piece of advice is just like, Don’t overeat, don’t go too crazy. If you do have snacks and you’ll be fine. 

 avoid becoming too attached

Now next up on the list is avoid becoming too attached. Basically what I mean by this is avoiding to attach to like a certain group of friends. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. Like I’m not saying Oh, like ditch your friends, what I’m trying to say is be open to meeting other people if you have like an opportunity for it, because what’s gonna happen is that first week of orientation, where you’re going to make like a really big group of that and little by little, everybody’s going to like spread out and just like do their own thing.

So don’t be too attached to like that group that you met, you know, you have like an opportunity to like meet other friends and do other things. Just do them and then tell that girl friend dynamics are always changing. Maybe during orientation week, you’re like in a really big group and then like out of the blue like people start hating each other and then you know, just like splits up and on top of that it’s college you know, it’s always nice to have like connections meet other people make new friends it just like feels good.

So don’t get too attached to sort of people or like to a certain group just like you know, be open to meeting other people and doing new things. 

avoid skipping class

Now next up on the list is to avoid skipping class. You might go to that first lecture like oh, yeah, this class is easy or the professor’s sucks. I

don’t need to be here. I’m wasting my time which that there’s always a benefit, even if it’s really, really small going to lectures. And like I said before, it’s college like you’re trying to, like, learn something. So like, we’re gonna learn it, here’s like skipping and the classic excuse.

All right, gonna go to the lecture and I’ll go to the lecture and I’ll just like review everything myself. Well, most people that say that, like don’t ever review anything themselves, because like, by not going to the lectures, they just forget about the class as a whole, it’s college and school you came for academics, just go to the lectures. 

avoid help

Now next up on the list, which is something that you shouldn’t do if you’re a freshman is to avoid help. Now colleges have like tonnes of resources out there that are free as a student that you don’t even know about whether it’s therapy, tutoring, elicit skills, like on and on, and you might be struggling with something whether it’s academic or personal, and you could get out but a lot of people want to say nasty, because they’re either too shy to embarrass a thing, they could just like handle the situation, you’re struggling.

You’re struggling in a class, don’t be afraid to like reach out to professor’s like, you know, go out and like see what reason

 getting involved

 Next up on the list is not getting involved. I don’t freshman year and like I said, it’s good to take things call. But it’s also good to get involved in something, whether it’s research a club, or they’re just tonnes of ways that you can get involved.

What I like to say is that there’s always something or like a group of people that have like the same interest of view, all you need to do is like find those people and like do something getting involved doesn’t only look good on your resume, but think about it are you really gonna be like studying 24/7 I don’t think so that means like getting involved in like doing something and just like a good way to like, you know, have an other life that doesn’t deal with academics.

Personally, for me, I got involved with a triathlon club because I’m really active and I wanted to get into triathlon. So that’s what I did. So freshman year, find something you like and get involved in, just like doing nothing at all. Even though it’s really fun, it’s really important and that is a no lose your ID Just don’t lose it.

Trust me, it’s going to be such a hassle to like, get a new one and it’s gonna suck your ID basically is like your dining card. It’s your room cancer, everything your ID and lets you print. If you lose your ID, you’re like really, really screwed. So like make sure you have it with you at all times that you don’t lose it. I know a lot of people like to like buy one of those like the phone pockets and they like feel like slipping in there.

Personally, I don’t like doing that. But that’s a great way to like not lose whatever works for you. As long as you don’t lose it, you’re fine. 

extremely cliche

Now last up on our list might seem extremely cliche, but it is to avoid and peer pressure. And maybe I’m pretty sure I don’t only mean in the context of like alcohol and drugs, but I also mean it like let’s say you’re really tired, but all your friends are like, Oh yeah, like let’s go out you’re lame. You don’t want to go out. Just don’t go on.

Don’t listen, in college and in life, you’re gonna have so much time to do so many different things. So at the moment, you don’t want to do something. Don’t do it. If you rather suddenly go to a party with all your friends to sleep in, like it’s not gonna kill you. You don’t miss one thing and then even with drugs and alcohol, like just do what you want to do.

You know, don’t listen to anybody and top of that, like people really don’t care too much what you do, which is good, but just don’t get like pressured into doing Something that you don’t really want to do I know it’s freshman year and I know a lot of people try to be cool and all this stuff but really just like stick to yourself do what you want to do when you want to do it and how you want to do it all right those are pretty much 10 things to avoid and during your freshman year of college 

Conclusion (10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College)

I hope this article has given you some advice on how to best utilize your freshman year of college. Also, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below with your own advice!10 Things To Avoid Your Freshman Year Of College in 2022.