How to shortlist universities for study abroad in 2022

how to shortlist universities for study abroad in 2022

how to shortlist universities for study abroad in 2022.Shortlisting universities is a daunting task. You can apply to the best schools in the world, you can spend weeks researching those universities, analyzing their pros and cons, weigh in your own interests, do a cost-benefit analysis for each one of them, but at the end of it all, you need to pick just a handful of the absolute best.

how to shortlist universities for study abroad ultimate guide in 2022

Let me break down everything for you. First and foremost, select the course which you would like to go for.

There are courses which are common like engineering course and MBA courses. There are some courses which are not so common. For the engineering courses, there’s a lot more information available, whereas on the contrary, the different courses like art courses or liberal courses is less information.

In that case, or in the case for every course you should first look at the US If you haven’t bought the premium subscription, I would recommend get one.

It’s $30 for a year, and you can share it and you can even sell it later. If you share it among like five six of your friends. It will be extremely cheap. 

Let me tell you why there’s less information on some courses then there’s so much information about different courses. So there are a lot of courses first of all, you have to understand this different fields which will not there previously.

 And every year or every three years there’s new branch popping up because they are evolving technology are evolving role because of which it is difficult for the universities to have that data on their website. And it just makes it difficult for them to collect that data to the students or collect that data from the universities as well. 

And that is why there’s less data on courses like data, or courses like business analytics, in these kinds of cases where there’s less data available on the internet and you have to contact the seniors for it. You should clear the list for your own and share it with your juniors as well later on.

Second step. Second step is pretty common and to have an idea is essential.

Determine what you’d like to do. Would you like to go in research or would you like to go and work after your masters? If you’d like to do research then the main factor for you to consider a university is the number of applications coming up. 

Universities are run by some website or pieces of publications and some websites design them on the basis of a patents for example, CS rankings dot O R G for US News, random universities based on publications, a major part of that, and Qs world ranking, rang them on the basis of academics. Now if you’d like to work after your bosses looking for research ranking is good as well.

The reason? Well if there’s a lot of research going on at the universities then there are more industrial partners, and these industrial partners will hire you later, or potentially hire you later. 

LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn will get you a lot of information we will go to the LinkedIn and search for a particular university or a name of the senior who’s going to that particular university and you know that then there will be more recommendations from the same university on the side. And when you go to the Pages and when you see what they’re studying, you can message them you can email them, you can connect with them.

One thing I’ll let you know here is that you have to be very respectful while you’re messaging them, they’re not obliged or they’re not going to call. 

They don’t owe you anything. So you have to be respectful in your message you have to be very straightforward that you need this information. 

Actually, let me do one thing, I’m gonna leave a sample message which you can use as a template and modify accordingly. I’ll send that to people from LinkedIn. This will help you curate that message and send it to your seniors.

 This way you can collect some data which are not available on the website and you can essentially make a Excel sheet or essentially make a data list of all the information you would like to know from that university. About that.

Let’s discuss the data points for you to shortlist universities. GRE AWS scores. GPA. The following data points help you to give you the first few universities these universities should be on both spectrum. Safe ambitious reason why we will call it ambitious is because even though it is ambitious, it can be achieved. 

And you should honestly be a little ambitious with your approach because as a human we can attach it ourselves a lot of times footstep it’s kind of merged into third step as well. Now once you have the list on the basis of average GPA, GRE and TOEFL, reduce the list to 10 universities, when you go to us You can see that every school has an average GRE split mentioned on the college page. Now this is for different for different causes and you should check a CT.

 The reason why I’m mentioning this is because a lot of universities have cross check this when there’s a lot of applications, professors even though they shouldn’t, but they’re taking this approach that they’re using GRE they’re using GPA and they’re using the brand or the prestige of your college as the cutting of factor. 

For example, a student with GRE score of 320 and a GPA of 8.5 and it’s from it will be about from a student of same score same GPA but is from from an ID. So this matters a lot. How much procedures is your college again if a lot of students from your universities have previously gone to the same university or have been studying or have been eliminated from that university, that matters a lot as well.

 And that will actually boost up your chances because they see that we have big students from this university though this seems more reliable. So that’s why when I mentioned that you can use these data points for your first cut off are for shortlisting University is not wrong because again, you have to make the first cut off and to get the first list of 20 or 15 universities you need the schools to have have that line of universities in your computer, reduce a list to 10 to 15 universities. 

It’s time to take a deep dive, which brings me to the fifth step.

But before we move into the fifth step, I want you to I want to give you a bit of advice. You only you can help you.

You can pay someone and he didn’t give you a general request or you can reach out to a senior for the same but everyone will definitely not spend or even think about this more than you also remember the fact that not all seniors, even if they want to can help you to a great extent that seniors who recently come to the United States and they don’t even know that much of this process.

I asked the universe this place and I as a person who talks to a lot of students talk to a lot of professors regarding this, I would say that I’m still learning and I can help you better. But I can still help you with everything. Very honest about this from starting. 

And I like to just tell this again and again that no matter no matter how luring the question is, I will not answer it. Or even if you pay me a lot to give you wrong information or incorrect income. I’ll not give you incorrect or incomplete information. I’ll let you know that if I do know this. I do know this and I want you to go in the right path. I could have said yes. 

And I could have made up something and you would have believed it. But I don’t want to do that because that’s not me being genuine to you and that’s not going to benefit you on me in any way possible. Now back to diving. You would ideally be looking for the following.

Number one, professors researchers look for the projects which impressed you. According to the book called inside the graduate admissions. The professors who are reviewing your application, they essentially are looking for someone just like them they’re looking for someone who’s hardworking and find similar interesting area of studies.

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Second, look for the courses which interests third, look for the industrial partners, it is very much possible that you might not know these companies, so do not hesitate to look up for them.

LinkedIn is a great way to check which companies come to the career fair. How you mentioned this is like very easy and what is the number of companies come into the culture. You can ask a senior to give you a list of the companies which showed up at the career fair that semester. Now based on these factors, Megan, with all the factors like 1234, select six to eight universities.

I think this is a very common notion to put it in a list of ambitious, moderate and safe and you can do that as well. When you’re doing this extensive process. Make sure you make an Excel sheet. When you’re making that Excel sheet also put cost of living and fees in these sections. There are different preferences for the students.

 Essentially, I want you to make a sheet of yourself for yourself which will act as the trigger access book or the key sheet variable putting down all the information at once. But I had all the links of the website and the pages which are visited the seniors which I visited, put in everything in an Excel sheet so that you don’t miss it. 

And even if you want to cross check or even if you want to share it later on you can share it with your juniors or charity friends.

I think that is that’s how you will get essentially a list of six to eight universities, which will be beneficial.

Conclusion (how to shortlist universities for study abroad)

So, although the task of shortlisting universities can be tough, it’s not impossible. I highly recommend you start your shortlisting process early. Take your time and study every aspect of each university you’re considering. How to shortlist universities for study abroad in 2022

Reach out to current students, alumni, and study abroad professionals to gain a little extra insight into a few universities. And lastly, remember that it’s okay if you don’t get into your top universities! There are so many amazing places to study abroad out there, and if the one you want is too competitive for you this year, keep trying until one works out!

So that’s was article about how to shortlist universities for study abroad.I hope it will be helpfull for you!