Top 10 courses in uk for international students

Top 10 courses in uk for international students in 2022

Top 10 courses in uk for international students in 2022.The UK has always been a popular Study Abroad destination for international students back to the presence of ages old prestigious Institute’s research and innovation driven economic and multicultural atmosphere. Now, due to the introduction of BSW which is posted the work permit and post COVID-19 

The job market will be fiercely competitive as there will be lot of competition in the job market and hence it is extremely critical to choose those subjects areas. You can improve your employability in the UK post graduation is also useful to know what are the top degrees in demand so that when you graduate, your chances of landing a job naturally increased. 

Top 10 courses in uk for international students ultimate guide in 2022

So today I’ll discuss the causes to study in the UK for getting jobs as an international student in 2021 and 2022. I have pulled this list based on the current market trends from the shortage occupation list. 

number 10 which is accounting and finance. 

This courses will help in UK a unique prespecitves and knowledge on political science, psychology mathematics and sociology.In this course, you will learn how to prepare and interpret financial information as well as gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of core financial factors.

 So companies like HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays Morgan Stanley, UBS, RBS, and many more hire a lot of graduates every year, and if you’re lucky, you will get a visa sponsorship from that is geology, science and renewable energy.

 There’s a wide range of career opportunities open to geology and Earth Science graduates for example, within the hydrocarbons, mining act, query and civil engineering industries, government and government supported scientific establishments, geological surveys specialist geological consultants and research companies and teaching the jobs in the construction related ground engineering industry our engineering geologist, hydro geologist and geophysicist. 

The jobs in the oil and gas industry are geophysicist, geo scientists, geologists, and you can string now my data science and business analytics, the demand for data scientists grew by 230 1% between 2013 and 2020. The future is going to be data and if you want to have a glittering career, you can offer this also you don’t need to have any prerequisites to learn 

data analytics. In fact, Google has launched its new professional certificate course called as data and it’s on the Coursera platform, which proves that anyone from any background can start a career in data science. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. So all the term UK companies are looking for data scientists and business analytics related jobs which is in high demand.

 Number seven, mathematics economics, actuarial science and statistics. This jobs have been under serious shortage in the UK for quite some time. Students who graduated from this courses find a job within six months of course completion. Maths graduates also draw higher salaries. Compared to the other graduates. Many decide to work as a finance workers, bankers, analysts or researchers. 

That degree can likewise be helpful for those looking to work in the technology as well as information technology information technology is a booming industry. Because the field is expanding rapidly. It focuses on the intersection of computer systems both hardware and software, and the use of this tools to share data and set up tools to be able to use and store information. Since it is such a highly skilled degree the pay tends to be high as compared to the jobs in the other sector. Also read cheapest universities in uk

The IT field is also adding dots more rapidly than other fields with an expected one person growth through 2026. Top companies which hire graduates are Amazon, Siemens, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and IBM to name a few now

 number five Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences have been one of the most popular subject areas to study in the UK for years. One clear advantage of studying Biomedical Sciences is that apart from the industry, the academy sector, at least the top research base universities, also absorbs a significant percentage of graduates as research assistants and scientists.

Number four, computer science computer science has been another extremely popular cause in the UK. As everything is digital today. This has caused a surge in the need for computer science experts over maintain and secure network systems from virtual attacks

If you have a computer science degree it will be help in unlimited job opportunities in uk in different job sectors.

The total market is in short supply of those professionals and the shortage will surely be present in the future. This guarantees that computer science graduates will enjoy a high rate of employability.

The industry changing rapidly and proficient with a highly regarded Academy competence are in demand in the job market. Today investors are aiming for objects that are opposed optimal standards that are environmentally friendly, that use the space at maximum and are unique in that displaying the data this model needs professional architects on what’s needed.

 In addition to main job opportunities. Architectural graduates are also highly paid for the job. 

Number two, medicine and dentistry. This is a broad area covering for several courses including those related to biomedical sciences, nursing and physiotherapy.

 The UK is praised about a world class medical system and top quality medicine schools as a final result of this outstanding education and strong links with the National Health Service medicine graduates in UK you will enjoy a high employability in the market.

 Medicine and Dentistry graduates have the highest graduate employment rates. 

Number one, engineering graduate engineers in the UK are among the most employable candidates and some of the highest paid at the same time. So the jobs that does where engineering graduates can seek a job after university are aerospace engineering civil engineering, computer engineering, environmental engineering, construction engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering and software engineering. 

So those were the top 10 causes for you guys, but I’m going to answer one important question before I wrap this video because so many of you have asked me the same question. Question one. Will I get a job after completing MBA from any UK university or top university question Do I have done MBA from India? 

Will I get a job in the UK? So I’m going to answer both the questions together. So if you have done MBA, this is options like MSC marketing MSc International Business MSC management you should know that there are jobs in the market.

This says all jobs have become saturated. 

Those subjects are not niche or skill based fields. So they are not in the skill shortage list and might never make it to the list. 

So what does it mean for you so be careful and mindful before you chose this courses as you will be able to work for two years due to PSL. But it may be hard for you to secure a visa sponsorship jobs after that because they already have those skills in the local market and hence they will not be willing to sponsor your visa so my recommendation if possible,

 because some niche skills if you are planning to come to the UK and want to settle here, so look at the shortage occupation list and check which is the new skill you are ready to learn like programming coding business analytics or any course which I discuss now.

 However, if none of the skills in the shortage occupation list interest you, you can go ahead with your MBA plan but be very careful while choosing your university. And before you make your decision, make sure that you go through the ranking of university as the brand name of the university does matter. 

Example London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge Imperial Warwick top universities from the second recommendation, review the block of their website and check all the details provided on the alumni network to how many international students were able to secure visa sponsorship jobs. 

And if you’re convinced that you may get a job to just go for it. So on that note, good luck to all the students who are planning to study in the UK.

Conclusion (Top 10 courses in uk for international students )

That’ was the list of Top 10 courses in uk for international students in 2022. i hope it will be helpful for you and your frieds.thanks for reading.