top 5 reasons why canada students visa is rejected

top 5 reasons why canada students visa is rejected in 2022

top 5 reasons why canada students visa is rejected.You have applied for a student visa and you are eagerly waiting for it to be approved. Maybe you already have plans on how you will spend your first week living in Canada. However, that feeling of excitement quickly turned into disappointment as your application was rejected. Why did your Canadian visa get rejected?

top 5 reasons why canada students visa is rejected ultimate guide in 2022

I’m never ashamed to admit my first and the student visa was rejected and I’ll tell you why a bit later but it’s all because I didn’t know these five ended student visa rejection reasons that I’m about to share it pay close attention as I will teach you how to get into these officers has to get this visa approved. 

Before we start, I just want you to keep something in mind. So for every visa officer, their main goal is to ensure that they issue visas to those who are planning to return to their own countries. So try to take a step back and evaluate everything with the perspective off to that visa officer. also read cheapest universities in canada

Reason number one, travel history and honestly what I mean by this is not a lot of people know there’s a rumour Canada, the US the UK, Australia, New Zealand share the same immigration database to any of those countries your visa was rejected. Please do not lie about it.

 Be honest and think about how this little light might undermine your reputation and your dignity in the eyes of the visa officer. Another thing is, if you have not left your country if you’ve never travelled anywhere, then how would they know that you would leave Canada after studies and think about this. The exception would be high school students as it’s a different reason 

Reason number two though family ties. I wanted to make a base ship. Are you know about every ship has own anchor to keep mind in the same spot. Otherwise the web will move back and forth your family your assets. Your real estate of course in your home country are the anchors that keeps your ship in that water. It will never move back and 

forth if the visa officer cannot see if the anchor that holds you in your country. That will hold yourself in the same spot there is a high probability of your visa being rejected again. 

Reason number three, no job prospects. This reason is more directed at my older viewers as it doesn’t really relate to high school students but as your programme that you were allegedly taking leads you to more opportunities back home. It makes sense. Ask yourself Is my programme something that looks like it will give me more opportunities. T

o give you an example let’s say you work in it back home and you’re taking a programme in Canada that will enable you to become the Chief Operating Officer at your company. Then yes, it makes total sense to go for that programme.

But if you’re a job role is pretty high. And then you want to take it make reports in Canada doesn’t look so good to me and probably to the visa officer so be really cautious with that.

Reason number four insufficient funds.. I didn’t know that for my two year programme, I had to show enough money to cover the whole duration. So first I chose about $15,000 in my account, my visa got rejected and I got an explanation that I need to cover the two year programme duration was about $10,000 a year more expensive. 

So the next time I reapplied with about $55,000 and that my visa was approved in like seven days or so remember, the more money the better but if you can show 100,000 or something like that, just stick to the golden rule about the cost of your programme for years depending on how many years your programme last for and on top of that about 10 to $15,000 a year for your expenses reason

 Reason number five purpose of business. Think about what the visa officer will think if he sees that your qualification to move country is pretty high. But that you want to downgrade so for example, you have an MBA in your home country. And now you’re coming to Canada and you want to take off this administration.

Why would you downgrade that sounds super weird to anybody, right? They accept to be your prior education and your prior background work experience. I mean are not related.

So if you took a course in something that you no longer work in, but you work in something else, but you want to grow in that position that of course it makes sense for you to come to Canada to take something lower than that think all of these reasons through 

Conclusion (top 5 reasons why canada students visa is rejected in 2022)

The articles and tips that you have read may give you an idea how to avoid being rejected by the visa officer. After all, preparation is one of the most important things when it comes to applying for a Canadian visa.

The more prepared you are, the higher chance your application has of being approved. Know more about Canada student visa requirements and check out our other articles on education in Canada.