Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts in 2022

Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts in 2022

Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts in universities in the UK where international students can study without ions. These universities offer entry into the degree programmes based on your wealth in this course. Note that most universities accept CBSE and ICSE English courts only for students from other boards who do not meet English entry requirements. Now let’s begin.

Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts ultimate guide in 2022

The arts university Bournemouth 

Number one on my list (Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts) is the arts university Bournemouth, known for its programmes in areas of Art Design, media and performance. The University is located in the beautiful seaside city of the university is also written cold in the Teaching Excellence Framework for the Deaf ratings by the British company.

It has also won Queen’s anniversary prize for further and higher education which makes it a great place to study. It accepts students from CBSE and ICSE boards which 70% or above in 12 English. The tuition fee is pretty affordable and ranges between 10,000 to 18,000 pounds. 

The University of Chester

Next on my list (Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts) is University of Chester. Dating back to 1839. The University of Chester is a fifth oldest higher education establishment in England, with only universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London. outdating University offers a varied range of programmes including medicine, business, life sciences, humanities, education, social sciences.

Good news is that Indian students from CBSE ICSE board with 65% in the 12th English receive highest level from the university. It’s a highly rated University and is a member of several prestigious bodies such as the AACSB International. The tuition fee ranges between 12,000 to 18,000 pounds per year, making it a highly affordable option. Also read cheapest universities in canada

Coventry University London

 Number three on my list (Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts) is a favourite amongst international co entry With its campuses in Coventry in London, the university attracts 1000s of international students each year into a number of programmes that are highly rated for this teaching quality and graduate employment.

It accepts students with 65% in 12 English not just from CBSE and ICSE both, but from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu put Raqqa and West Bengal state foods as well. The tuition fee at Coventry ranges between 11,000 to 20,000 pounds depending on the force and specialisation.

University of Bristol

Number four on my list (Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts) is University of Bristol, one of the highly rated universities globally, Bristol is ranked 62nd in the world by us and amongst top 100 globally by time occasion. University accepts students from CBSE and ICSE boards with 80 person for a moment well, English university is also ranked 58 globally for its graduate employability by us and it’s a top choice for international students wanting to study in one of the most renowned UK universities part of the Russell Group studying at Bristol is however expensive as a tuition fee is between 18,000 pounds to 27,000 pounds depending on the choice of your programme.

University of Warwick

 last on my list (Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts) is another highly ranked universe in the UK that is also part of Russell, University of Warwick. Warwick is a top choice for Indian students intending to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. The university is ranked 61st by the US and 77 by times higher education in the global rankings. T

he university is also home to Warwick business school, one of the few business schools globally holding the Triple Crown accreditation from AACSB International, Equus and association of the university accepts students with 70% Plus scores and CBSE and ICSE 12 English however, some programmes may require a 85% tuition fee at Warwick is between 19,000 to 26,000 pounds per annum. Depending on the programme.

Now, let us talk about the students who did not study in CBSE ICSE board and cannot meet the English language requirements. Most universities in the UK offer a pre sessional English course also known as PSE, to students to study at the university without now you will ask me socket what is a free session course?

Well, it’s a course designed specially for international students who do not meet English language requirements to study for a degree programme. It starts before the scheduled intake and varies literally five to 15 weeks depending on the level of the student. However, do note that the tuition fee for the course is not included into your degree programme and varies between 1900 to 5000 pounds from university to university. Students can choose from a number of intakes in year including March, May, June and July depending on the availability. 

Also, if you’re thinking of applying to top ranking universities in the UK, such as Warwick LSE King’s College, Imperial College or UCL for 2022 Indeed, the right time to start prepping is now.

Conclusion ( Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts in 2022 )

It may be a little difficult for international students to enter into the best universities in UK if they do not know the language. It is well known that most students from India who want to get admission into the top universities in UK prepare only the IELTS.

Here, we talk about some universities that are famous for their undergraduate course, but do not require IELTS or other such language exams for admission. So that’s was the of Top 5 universities in uk to study without Ielts in 2022